Can't Afford A Tow And Your Windshield Is Broken? How To Get Your Car Safely To A Shop

You are flying down the road, making great time on the highway, when Whonk! Crack! something hits your windshield and cracks it. Maybe it was a bird. Maybe it was a rock from the road or a stone that bounced out of the dump truck ahead of you. Maybe it was a hailstone the size of a golf ball (or larger!). If this has happened to you, and now you are trying to see through a split windshield, you will need to get to an auto glass repair shop as soon as you can. [Read More]

Is It Your Transmission? Three Unexpected Symptoms Of Transmission Trouble

Your automatic transmission is one of the most expensive items to repair on your car. In many cases, a failing transmission may need to be removed from the car and rebuilt or replaced. This is a job that can easily cost several thousand dollars, which is usually enough to ruin anyone's week (or month, for that matter). Certain symptoms, such as gear slipping, make it obvious beyond any reasonable doubt that trouble is brewing in your transmission. [Read More]

Car Repair You Can Trust From An AAA Certified Auto Repair Provider

When it comes to repairing your auto, it's import to find a car repair services that you can trust. If you are far from home and nowhere near your local garage, you can still find a trustworthy shop when you go with AAA certified repair services. In order to become certified, the shop must meet the stringent standards set by AAA so that drivers all over can find a garage no matter where the breakdown occurs. [Read More]

2 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Keeps Overheating

Even when the temperatures outside are not too hot, you may have found that your car tends to overheat fairly quickly after you start driving. If so, there are a couple of possible reasons why this keep happening. 1.  Your Car's Coolant System Has a Leak One of the most common reasons why a car overheats is that there is a leak in the coolant system. This system includes not only the radiator but also the overflow tank, hoses, and the water pump. [Read More]